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Creating a standalone UK Prime Minister action in Page Builder

If you’re setting up an email-to-target action targeting the UK Prime Minister (where they are to be contacted in their role as the PM and not as an MP), then you can create an email to target campaign that emails the target when your supporters complete the page.

These are the steps to do this:

  1. Create a new email-to-target page
  2. For the target choose “Custom Targets”, “Specify Custom Targets”, and then Next
  3. Click the pencil icon in the “Select your targets” area
  4. Click the “Available” tab and choose the name of the UK prime minister that is displayed there (if this is not visible, let us know)
  5. Complete the set-up and then add your text and form components to the page
  6. At a minimum you must have and email address on the page as a mandatory field. You may also want to include First name, Last name and Postcode to insert into the sign off of the email to the PM
  7. Add the target block to page 2 as usual. You can insert target and user data as in any standard page, e.g. signing off from the supporter including their postcode.
  8. Add a thanks page and test the page as usual (it will email you and not the PM when in preview/test mode), making it live and then sharing the published URLs with your supporters

Note The mechanism of this function has changed in 2021. Before then, we would submit to a Number 10 external form but it is now not allowing messages from being posted from outside the page. This prevents data from being posted from a different source (like our own server). Instead we are using an email address in a more standard approach.

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