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Previous Contribution (HPC and MRC) Settings

Note: Previous Contribution tools have been extended to include Most Recent Contribution (MRC) as of Release 4.2.

The Previous Contribution tools allow you to manually or automatically set each supporter’s Highest Previous Contribution (HPC) or Most Recent Contribution (MRC), which can then be used to offer a next suggested gift in emails and pages.

If you would like to use these tools they will need to be enabled in your account first. To enable them you can go to your Account Settings under Hello (Username) in the top left.

Once you are in the Account Settings page, you will need to click on Previous Contribution in the left menu. This will allow you enable ‘HPC’ and/or ‘MRC’ and configure the settings for it. Options include how ‘HPC’ and/or ‘MRC’ should be found, how far back and which transaction types should be used to ascertain a supporter’s previous contribution.

If you would like to use ‘HPC’ or ‘MRC’ in your account, click

and the settings will be exposed.

Note: You will be able to specify at the email and page level which value the Next Suggested Gift ask strings render based on; either HPC or MRC or both values can be set at the account level.

Transaction Service

You’ll see two options here to determine how you’d like to set the HPC and/or MRC – either via Engaging Networks Transactions or Imported Data:

  1. Engaging Networks transactions – allows the platform to automatically calculate the HPC and/or MRC based on the transactional data in your account.
  2. Imported Data – should be chosen if you have an external service that is handling the ‘HPC’ and/or ‘MRC’ calculations, such as through Salesforce or ROI Solutions. If you choose this option, you can import the ‘HPC’ values using the HPC Value and HPC Currency fields or ‘MRC’ values using the MRC Value and MRC Currency fields during a standard supporter import. For a guide to importing supporters click here

Time Period

If you choose to determine the HPC or MRC via Engaging Networks transactions, then the Time Period tells the platform the number of months to look back on to find a supporter’s previous contribution.

Transactions Generated in Pages

If you choose to determine the HPC or MRC via Engaging Networks transactions, then you can select which transaction types a supporter’s Previous Contribution should be derived from. You can select a type by clicking its box or choose every type by clicking the ALL button.

If you are using our Events Module, you can also include those transactions in the ‘HPC’ or ‘MRC’ calculation if desired.

After you have chosen your settings click

to confirm your settings.

After saving, this page will be disabled until the calculation is complete.

Using HPC or MRC for next suggested gifts

The HPC or MRC values can be used to create next suggested gifts in pages and emails.

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