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Engaging Networks Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Integration


More and more donors are opening Donor Advised Fund (DAF) accounts to grow their giving through investment, but donating through Donor Advised Funds can be a lengthy and complicated process. Fortunately, thanks to Engaging Networks’ partnership with Chariot, Engaging Networks platform can now integrate with the leading Donor Advised Fund (DAF) providers. That means for the majority of your supporters, it takes just a couple of clicks without navigating away from your website to complete the donation – making it much more likely that your organization secures the gift.

Steps to setup the Chariot integration:

Register for a Chariot account

  • The nonprofit needs to register for a Chariot account in order to start using the service here. You can follow this guide for more details:

  • Note: account created through this step is for a live setup. If you want to add a test account, please refer to the section below.

Add Chariot as a Gateway in settings

  • As a Super Admin, you can head to “Account Settings” -> “Gateways” and select the “New Payment Gateway” button.

  • For “Select Gateway”, choose “Chariot Gateway”.

  • Add the non-profit’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) number.

  • If you want to add a test account against Chariot’s sandbox environment, please use these details:

    • EIN: 123456789

    • Test Mode: checked

Once ready, you can add the live gateway following the same procedure while using your own EIN, and having Test Mode unchecked.

Set up Donation Settings in a campaign page

  • In your campaign’s page, go to “Admin” -> “Donation Settings”, and select “I would like to add another merchant account or add support for digital wallets”.

  • Select “Chariot” option and save.

Enable Donor Advised Fund as a payment option

  • In your campaign page, go to your payment block and edit it.

  • Check the “Enable digital wallet buttons” checkbox in this page and save.

If you would like to further customize the donation button, you can click on the settings cog at the right of this option, and it will show these options:

Next, you can test it on your campaign page:

Note: For testing purposes in a sandbox (test) environment, the following credentials will log in to any DAF provider:

username: good-user
password: password123


  • The non-profit needs to be 501(c)(3) registered in order to be eligible.

  • All Donor Advised Fund (DAF) transactions will have:

    • Initial status of “pending”. This is due to the way the funds are released from the financial institution, as it is not an immediate payment to the non-profit. Once the funds are received, the status will automatically update for the transaction.

    • Payment currency must be USD in order for the Donor Advised Fund button to show in the donation page.

  • To distinguish Donor Advised Fund (DAF) transactions from other transactions in your export, look for:

    • “Campaign Type”: “FBS”.

    • “Campaign Data 6”: “DAF”.

    • “Campaign Data 12”: “Chariot Gateway”.

  • Chariot will be charging clients, with the pricing governed by the clients’ own contract with Chariot.

  • Engaging Networks will not charge clients any subscription-related fee for this new optional Donor Advised Fund (DAF) donation functionality, but our standard transaction fee will apply for any successful Donor Advised Fund (DAF) donations.

  • To know more about average wait times for DAF donations to arrive to your organization, please follow this link:

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