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Getting support

Email or call 202 525 4910 (North America) or 020 7253 0753 (UK).

How to describe the problem

When you contact Support, someone from our global support team will be reviewing and responding to your message shortly.

When referring to anything that you have built in your account, it is very helpful to include the name you have saved in your account for the item you are referring to, so we can easily find it inside of your account. 

If it is any type of page, please include the url to the page.

For issues related to your supporters, please include the supporter ID of the supporter affected.

Supporter ID is the number which can be found in the supporter’s account record.

Wherever appropriate, if you can share screenshots or recordings that capture the issue you are facing, that will help us replicate the issue and get you to a faster resolution.

Be careful not to send personal or secure data

Do not send passwords, tokens or supporter exports by email

It is important for privacy reasons that you only share supporter IDs with us, and not supporter email addresses, names or other personal information.

Should you need to share sensitive information, such as an exported data file, we can provide you access to a secure file sharing site.

Support resources

As well as getting touch with the Support team, please check out these resources:

  • Supportal – type in a keyword and find your answer

  • Academy – register for access to short, detailed training videos that cover each of our modules and much more

  • Partners – our accredited partners can help take your Engaging Networks campaigns to the next level

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