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How to find question ID

When working with preparing import files or other types of data calls, it may be necessary to use numerical identifiers for items such as questions. All questions created in Engaging Networks have a unique identifier, which might not be obvious when working in the dashboard as only the question names are visible.

In order to obtain the correct ID number associated with a question, it is necessary to make use of the browser's Developer Tools 'Network' tab. This will allow you to inspect the response from calls that are made to page-builder while editing pages.

To locate the data structure containing the questions, edit a page and open any 'Form block' for editing, then select the Questions tab. You should now see a call to:


By viewing the Response for this call, you will be able to see the JSON data structure which contains the questionId. The data structure is an array containing both regular questions and so called 'opt-in' questions, however each index also contains the question 'name', which should help in identifying the correct question.

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