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Lookup Supporter Gadgets – Householding Relationship

The “Householding Relationship” gadget allows you to add or edit householding information for the supporter. You can also customize which fields and opt-ins appear depending on your needs.

Adding a Relationship

To add a relationship to the supporter record, simply click the “Add a Relationship” button. This will open a search box to find supporters that you want to add to the household.

If you search finds any results you can click the “Link” button to add assign a relationship.

In the ‘Assign Relationship’ box, choose the category that fits the relationship and click “Save”.

Changing the Primary Household Member

To change the primary member in the household click the link “change” in the top of the gadget.

Then choose a new primary member and click “Save”.

Setting the Household Salutation

You can set an overall salutation to be used when emailing all members of the house hold by clicking the “please specify” link (note – this will be implemented in a future release).

This will open the ‘Member Salutations” box where you can specify the salutation or copy an existing salutation to all other members.

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