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Lookup Supporter Gadgets – Process Transaction

The Lookup Supporter’s “Process Transaction” gadget allows you to quickly do data entry and add transactions to the supporter record. Simply select the campaign page you would like to create a transaction for and fill in the form fields. Choose from any “Data Capture”, “Fundraising” or “Membership” campaigns in your account that does not include any dynamic behavior.

The page must be set to Live before it will appear in the drop down menu

Adding Transactions

To add a transaction to your supporter record select the campaign you wish to create the transaction from using the dropdown menus. Once you’ve selected the campaign you want to use click “create”.

A new layer will open on the page and an unformatted version of the form will appear.

The form will be pre-populated with the relevant constituent data. Fill in any remaining information needed and click “submit” to create the transaction.

Pages that include action redirects, redirect and filters or form dependencies will not appear in the dropdown lists because those are considered to have dynamic behaviour. Calendar field types are also incompatible.

It is recommend that you not use customized pages with this gadget

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