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Rules about blocking external page requests

It’s possible to post data into Engaging Networks via various methods, rather than using our hosted pages.

We have a rule in place that limits the number of requests that can come from these pages in a five minute period – 100 requests per five mins. This restriction helps to maintain our servers’ performance as it prevents too much data from being added too quickly. It is also an additional security measure as it prevents an attack that is designed to deliberately bring down our application. If we see too much traffic, we block the IP for four hours.

If you do run any scripts that batch upload or post data into a specific campaign form in your account on a regular basis, please make sure to adjust them so they fall under the 100 requests per five minute threshold.

Alternatively you can import as much data as you like in bulk using our import service. You can find out more about the import API here.

If you have any questions, please contact client support.

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