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Auto-Responders: Event Reminders

Setting up an Event Reminder

Event Reminders may be added to any single or recurring event through the event’s Auto-responder options.

For more information on setting up thank you email autoresponders, please find more details here.

The auto-responder reminders are a simple way to send an automated email to supporters who have registered for the event to include any details needed prior to attending.

On the event Page editor, hover over the right-hand menu and under Auto-responders, click to select Reminder email.

Auto-responders, including reminder emails, are optional. If you leave the content of an auto-responder blank, we will not send one.

The general setting options for your reminder email subject, sender, and content are the same considerations as in another auto-responder message. However, you’ll note you have the option of selecting the number of days in advance to send the reminder. 

Select the desired time interval from the dropdown in settings under the Send option.

The day(s) before the event are scheduled according to the occurrence of the particular event registration, so a supporter would receive the reminder however many days in advance of the individual occurence(s) registered in the case of a recurring event.

The send time of the reminder email auto-schedules according to the start time of the event at the time the supporter submits the page (i.e. a reminder email sent 1 day before an event scheduled to start at 6pm ET will send at 6pm ET the day prior).

Event reminders are scheduled based on the event time and send time configured when the supporter submits the page. They cannot be rescheduled for supporters who have already submitted the page.

These may also be created as a shared Component, in the same way as a standard thank you email auto-responder, to load the message from your library.

Scenarios where a reminder will not be sent

  • No reminder was set up when the supporter submitted the page

  • The supporter submits the page after the reminder was scheduled to send/ was already sent

  • Any of the cancelation reasons below

Canceling a reminder email

There are two ways to stop reminder emails from being sent:

  • Refunding the supporter’s ticket

  • Setting the event page status to Closed will cancel the reminder for all supporters

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