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Event Ticket Templates

You can create ticket templates for your events that are sent as a PDF attachment to your supporters after registering for an event. The templates pull in data based on the tickets created for your Page Builder event pages in Engaging Networks and are fully customizable. You can also save them to your shared component library to use on multiple pages.

Adding Ticket Templates

Ticket templates are added to the thank you email of the event page. To add a ticket template, edit the event page that you would like to attach a ticket template to.

Expand the toolbar by hovering over it with your mouse.

Click on “Auto-responders” to reveal the thank you email tool.

Click on “thank you email” to open the editor.

From the thank you email, you can select the ticket you would like to include from the dropdown menu or create a new one by clicking on the edit icon. If you already have a ticket template created, select the one you would like to use from the dropdown.

Creating Ticket Templates

To create a new ticket template, click on the edit icon next to the ticket dropdown menu to open the ticket template library.

Click the “new template” button to open the template editor.

Enter the template name in the “reference name” field. The type is set to “Event Ticket” by default.

The ticket templates are based on HTML and use a rich text or WYSIWYG editor to create the PDF the same way all other emails are created in Engaging Networks.

The editor also allows you to access the source code directly, making it possible to build the ticket using an external HTML editor and then to paste your source code in.

Customizing Ticket Templates

You can customize your ticket templates using the Engaging Networks tools.


Subscribe Link

You can insert a reminder encouraging supporters to opt in to your email list. This is a dynamic copy and will only be added to thank you emails sent to supporters who did not check the opt-in question on the campaign page. If a supporter clicks on the link, their opt-in status will be updated and a confirmation page will be displayed

User Data

You can customize the ticket with any personal data of a supporter.

NOTE: If there is no data stored in the supporter record for the field it will appear blank in the email.

Transaction Data

You can insert fundraising transaction details

Select the transaction details you would like to insert, e.g. transaction Id, donation amount, currency, the date when the transaction was submitted etc.

Event Data

You can insert details about the event that you set up like venue, title, and description.

Ticket Data

You can insert details about the ticket including the unique ticket id.

Registrant Data

Registrant information can also be added to the ticket.

PDF Preview

After you have saved your ticket you will have a “PDF Preview” tab available in the editor. Click on this tab and your ticket will appear as a PDF.


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