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Fundraising Processing Fee Cover Option

Video Walkthrough

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What is the ‘Fee Cover’ form field?

The Fee Cover form field allows you to encourage supporters to opt to cover processing fees associated with their donation. The form field is available to use with any fundraising page type, as well as an Event page with payment required.

How to Add the Fee Cover

In the individual fundraising page you’d like to add the fee cover option, add a new form block or edit an existing form block where you’d like the fee cover to display.

Add ‘Fee Cover’ as a form field and click to open and edit details.

Fee Cover Setting Options

In the details, you may choose to set a flat fee and/or percentage associated with the donation, as well as a maximum value of the fee cover.

You can customize the Text that will display next to the checkbox option on the page, as well as whether the checkbox will be displayed as pre-checked or unchecked by default for the supporter when viewing the page.

When displaying on page, you may also opt to express the fees covered and total amount to confirm for the donor by adding an insert in a separate text block.

Note: the “Currency” field should be on the same page as the {amount-fee} insert, otherwise it defaults to US$


The data associated with fees covered is available to track through Fundraising Reports in both visual and quick reports, as well as Fundraising Summary data reports. In Visual Reports, under each Fundraising category, this includes the following metrics for transactions for which the fee cover was selected:

  • Total Transactions

  • Amount Raised

  • Average Fee

  • % of Inclusion (percent of supporters opting to cover fees)

Fee Cover FAQs

Which pages support the fee cover feature? Fee cover is only supported on one page forms or on the page where the donation is processed for multipage forms. Can I see Fee cover in my transaction exports? The fee cover is not denoted as a separate column in transaction export and is automatically added to the base donation amount if applicable. Do I need to add any extra fields to my data structure? The field appears automatically as an option in your account and does not need to be added in the account data structure to enable.

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