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Peer to Peer - Permissions

Effective Peer-To-Peer Permissions are vital for maintaining the security and integrity of shared resources within a network. By following the principles and best practices outlined in this documentation, you can establish a robust access control system that ensures users can access the appropriate resources while safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Peer-to-peer Permissions are a crucial aspect of access control within a system. They determine what one user can access from another user's resources, whether it's forms, data, or any other shared content. These permissions are defined to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of the data and resources within a Peer-To-Peer Access. This documentation aims to clarify the permissions required to access specific resources and outlines the principles and best practices for effective access control.

Permission Types




If the user will access to send Emails within Peer to Peer they will Account Emails enabled for them to be able to see the list of available Senders and/or Reply to.


Depending on the level of access you want to give a user plus the type of Peer to Peer you are building you can enable permissions for the User

Managing Pages - to access pages that might be associated with the P2P site
Components - to access images and files and other areas associated to components
Page Types - if adding donation forms, registration confirmation forms and other form types associated with Peer to Peer

Email & Messaging

To send Emails within Peer to Peer Users need this permission enabled.

Data Management

To handle, view or export different data associated to the Peer to Peer Site Transactions and other data within Users need this permission enabled.


To view or export different reporting data, Users need this permission enabled.

Peer to Peer

Currently the access is an all or nothing to access the Peer to Peer Module.

Depending on what type of User Type will be accessing the Peer to Peer Module, permissions needed could vary. Learn more about managing the different User Types.

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