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Peer-to-Peer – Emails

There are four default emails that ‘Peer-to-Peer’ can send to your fundraisers. You can edit these from the ‘Site Settings’ menu. The symbol indicates that the email has not yet been updated and is still using our default content. If you would like to disable any of these from sending you can un-tick the “Enable” checkbox.

Email typeDescription
Donation ReceivedSends an email to the fundraiser whenever a donation is made to the site
Campaign ActivationSends an email to the fundraiser notifying them that the campaign has been set to LIVE
Password ReminderSends an email that allows the supporter to reset their ‘Peer-to-Peer’p login
Password UpdatedSends an email confirming that the password has been updated

To customize the email simply click the icon to enter the email editor. You can update the subject of the email and choose your sender from the dropdown menu. You can also update the content of any email, by entering the content directly into ‘content box’ (example below), or click the HTML toolbar to paste in a custom HTML email.

You can also insert dynamic content into the email by clicking . The following variables can be inserted.


Site Name


The name you provided when creating your ‘Peer-to-Peer’ site

Site Description


The SEO Description from the Properties menu

Relative URL

The unique part of the URL after the subdomain. For example: /123/save-the-earth

Absolute URL

The full URL of your ‘Peer-to-Peer’ site


Page Name

The name of the fundraiser’s campaign


The text description of the page

Page URL

The URL to the fundraiser’s campaign


The goal fundraising amount

RaisedThe amount of money raised to date
% to GoalThe percentage of the goal met to date
Image URLThe URL of the campaign image


First Name

The first name of the fundraiser

Last NameThe last name of the fundraiser
Image URLThe image the fundraiser set on their campaign page
Public URLThe URL to the fundraiser’s ‘Peer-to-Peer’ campaign

Once you are finished editing the email you can click to return to the list of emails.

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