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Receipt Inventory Log

The “Receipt Inventory Log” gives you the ability to generate a CSV report for all fundraising receipts generated during the specified date range.

The report includes the following fields: Receipt Number, Replacement (if issued), Created On, Id, Name, Title, First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, Region, Postal Code, Country, Telephone, and Email Address. On the transaction level, the report also includes Transaction Type (Single, Recurring Initial, or Recurring Subsequent), Transaction Date, Transaction Amount, Transaction ID, and Parent Transaction ID as applicable.

To process a Receipt Inventory Log, go to Data & Reports > Receipt Inventory Log

Specify the time period, “Last month”, “Last 60 Days”, “Last 90 Days”.

Click “Generate Log” and confirm the time period.

Once the batch has completed processing, go to the Job Monitor to download the log file.

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