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Software Updates – Peer-to-Peer – Version 4.1

Peer-to-Peer Version 4.1 is planned to release November 20, 2020.

Notable Updates

Secured Payment

Securely capture credit card information to hold for later charging if a participant does not meet an agreed upon minimum fundraising goal.  This functionality is popular for endurance or destination campaigns in which there are extra expenses by the organization to produce the event or get participants to the event. The participant commits to raise a minimum amount to cover these expenses, and their credit card is charged only if they fail to meet this minimum commitment. Participant fee must be collected during registration to enable this tool to process.

Private Fundraising Pages

Fundraisers will now have the ability to hide their page from the website search tools, and widgets.  Fundraisers concerned with privacy can now continue fundraising but mark their page hidden from public searches.

Recover Previous Address Book and Donation History

Recurring fundraisers’ past contacts and giving history are now available to load into the Fundraiser Dashboard. This feature allows individual participants to look at who they sent emails to and who supported them in previous campaigns.

Functional Improvements

  • Fundraiser Dashboard – Contacts Menu: The contacts menu has been moved from under fundraise to the top level for quicker access.
  • Fundraiser Dashboard – Thank you email Prompt: Logic has been added to not show the Thank button to the fundraiser if the donation was made offline and no email address was given.

Bug Fixes

  • Facebook Image Share Preference: In the social settings [under Options > Social > Social Sharing > Fundraiser Image], the feature to change the image was not saving. This has been fixed.
  • Legacy Question Values not populating: When loading a legacy question into the registration form, the label- value options for a select question would not populate. These are now displaying correctly.
  • Donor Roll: Exclusion of Offline Donors:  The option to exclude Offline donors from the donor roll was not hiding donors. Offline donors are now hidden if excluded.
  • Importing Contacts:  Importing contacts from a file would fail if the file only had one contact row. This has been fixed.
  • Additional Labels added to Manager: Date labels for managing contacts were missing from the manager. They can now be found in the common label section and email labels found under the dashboard email section. 
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