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Software Updates – Peer-to-Peer – Version 4.2

Peer-to-Peer Version 4.2 was released on April 12, 2021.

Notable Updates

3DS2 Donations

Peer-to-Peer sites are now 3DS2 compliant through the Stripe payment gateway.  To use this feature, you must have a Stripe Gateway that is 3D enabled in your Engaging Networks Account.  Users can now associate the P2P site with that gateway and turn on the process. 

Returning Fundraisers Can Access Previous Donation Reports

Peer-to-Peer sites now provide returning fundraisers easy access to past donors and donations made in support of their efforts on previous campaigns. Configurable through the admin, uses can turn on the ability for fundraisers to download all past donors with giving levels.

Functional Updates

  • Secured Payment report: Secured payments are made when charging a participant to match their agreed upon minimum fundraising goal.  This report has been added to report on those charges.
  • Addition of Other (1,2,3,4) to the registration form: Users can now add the other transaction fields to the registration form.
  • Addition of Appeal to the registration form: Users can now add Appeal to the registration form.
  • Addition of Direct gift to the donation form:  If a user adds the direct gift field to a donation form, the P2P will now submit that value with the transaction.
  • Group leader notification for new member: Users can now configure a notification email to be sent to the team leader when a new fundraiser joins the group.  This notification type is only available for new sites.
  • Group leader notification for donation to the group page: Users can now configure a notification email to be sent to the team leader when a donation is made to the group page. This notification type is only available for new sites.
  • Triple Select: Peer-to-Peer users can now add Triple select field types to P2P sites.
  • New default emails: New sites will have a new default email template.

Bug Fixes

  • Peer-to-Peer retrieving archived senders:  The system was showing archived email senders in the selection drop downs.
  • P2P API:  The Top fundraisers and Top Groups endpoints were returning results in the wrong order.
  • Mobile Display Fundraiser Page: The description for DIY sites displays twice on mobile when you select the “more” option to expand the text.
  • Mobile Display Team Page: On a team page that does not accept donations, the right column leaderboard was showing before the team description.
  • Card Holder Name: There was a spelling error on the validation message.
  • Group Page: Marking a group page private was making the leader lose a connection.

Peer-to-Peer Hotfix Version 4.2.1 | May 24, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Editing Supporter Questions: Edits to supporter questions that were used during registration through Manage Fundraisers were not saving and causing data issues. This has been corrected.
  • Security Issue: A more permanent fix to a security issue has been deployed.
  • Remove private toggle from dashboard: Users were confused by the location and accidentally marking as private. The option has been removed.
  • A discount code bug when registering from the backend has been fixed.


  • Participants report: Registration Date and Email fields have been added to the report options.
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