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Symbolic Giving – order summary block

The “Order summary block” block is only available for Symbolic Giving pages in the Billing Information and Shipping & Payment sections in page-builder. The block is already added when you first set up your site to both of these sections, but if it is accidentally removed you can add it again by going to the right-hand toolbar then to Symbolic Giving > Order summary block.

It is used to remind the supporter what they have chosen to purchase after checking out, and show them a sub-total and total amount.

Editing the block in page-builder

When editing the block, you are presented with a few options to customize it:

  • Header – you can assign the labels for various parts of the block in this section, including the Header at the top, and what to display if the cart has no items in yet

  • Sub-total label – the sub-total label, which denotes the amount before an additional donation is added

  • Additional donation total label – the Additional total label, if applicable

  • Total label – the Total label which denotes the amount to debit including the additional total

Example of what this block might look like

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