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Canceling emails

If you need to cancel your email after you have already scheduled it you can do so by going to “Jobs > Job Monitor” in your Engaging Networks account.

Click on the delete icon

under “Stop Job” to cancel your email. This will allow you to return to the email campaign to make edits or to reschedule it.

You can also cancel the email by re-visiting it in “Email Service -> Email Campaigns”. Clicking on the schedule icon will allow you to cancel the email.

NOTE: You can also cancel email jobs that are active but there will be a percentage of your list that still receives the email that is displayed as the “percentage complete”.

NOTE: If you have sent a split test email and you have the “Enable automatic sending of split tests” option set in your account (in the email settings page) but you DO NOT want a particular split test campaign to actually “send the winning” email to the remainder of your list, simply archive the relevant email campaign by ticking the box next to the email’s reference name in ‘Manage Emails’ and the remaining messages will not be sent.

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