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Learning about our new Marketing Tools

We have lots of support documentation and tutorials to help you get up and running with the new Marketing Tools!

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Academy: Making The Switch To Marketing Tools
The Supportal documentation

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M+R SMS Masterclass (June 2023)

Raise the Roots Marketing Tools Webinar

Twilio Texting Webinar (April 2023)

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❓Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still preview an email after it has been sent?

Yes, you can preview any email by clicking the reporting icon for the campaign in the broadcast list, clicking to the “Testing” tab and then selecting the magnifying glass for the email. This preview URL can be shared with whomever you’d like to see it.  

Can I access the full HTML for the email to be able to edit it there?

Unlike Email Classic, it is not possible to access the full HTML once the template has been pulled into an email campaign. The Marketing Tools were designed to leverage a modular builder with a custom block framework so that clients can create branded and bullet-proof experiences for day-to-day users. Ultimately the goal was to reduce the requirement for HTML editing and make building emails easier. If there are instances where you must work in HTML, there is a workaround solution. You can create a custom block and insert a simple Text variable replacement. Once you load your template (with your stylesheet and basic structure) into the email builder, you then add the Text block and paste in your HTML. To access the HTML of the template, go to Marketing Tools > Components > Templates > edit the template and select ‘HTML.

Can I use Marketing Tools templates in a Marketing Automation journey?

It is not possible to easily use Marketing Tools templates for Marketing Automation emails right now. Support for this will be added to the platform within the next year. It is possible to transfer a Marketing Tools broadcast email template to an EMA (Email Marketing Automation) template with a bit of manual copy and pasting. There is a caveat that this process does not move across any tracking links and you will need to add links within the EMA itself to ensure your clicks are tracked. Please refer to this video which walks you through this process.

Can I use Marketing Tools templates for Thank You emails?

It is not currently possible to use Marketing Tools templates for Thank you emails or autoresponders. Support for this will be added to the platform in the next year.

Can I use ‘Next Suggested Gift’?

You cannot yet insert NSG values into an email built with the new Marketing Tools. However, pages linked to from a broadcast will show the Next Suggest Gift values if the component is in use on the page.This is functionality that will be coming to the Marketing Tools in a future release.

Do I need location data to use send time optimization?

No, the system can determine the supporter’s timezone, based on collected data from when they interact with your pages. This data can also be uploaded via the Data & Reports > Import tool. More information about send time optimization can be found here.

How do I easily transfer our templates from Classic to Marketing Tools Broadcast? Can I copy and paste the HTML?

In short, no. The anatomy of a template is different with the marketing tools. Moving an existing template across is not difficult if you have a decent understanding of HTML and CSS. Depending on the complexity of a template, it can take between an hour to three hours to move all the components across. If this is something you are confident doing, please read this section called ‘Creating a template from scratch’.

Will I still be able to access my old campaigns in Email Classic? And for how long?

Yes, you will be able to access email classic campaigns until at least 2027.

When do I have to stop using Email Classic?

The ability to create, duplicate, edit, and send emails from Email Classic will be removed in the July 2025 release. The exact date for this final update is not included here as it will be aligned with the closest release date and we don’t know when that will be yet, but we will be sure to update you when we have that information. After the July 2025 release, all clients who are sending broadcast email messages will be required to do this through the Marketing Tools.

Can I do split tests and conditional content in Marketing Tools?

Yes you can create a split test. To do this, go to the Message tab and hover over the message you want to split test. You will then see an option to create a split test from this message. You can read more here about setting up a split test campaign. Conditional content is also supported within blocks (where one part of the message is different) or as Audience Segments (entirely different messages). To create conditional content, you will first set up your message and load in the blocks and fall-back content you want to use. You can read more here about setting up conditional content in Marketing Tools.

Can I export or import a custom block?

Yes, it is possible to import and export blocks from your Engaging Networks account under Marketing Tools > Blocks. To import you can select the ‘Import Blocks’ option and to export, Change the view to the list view, select a block/s to export and export. The videos available here outline the process.

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