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This document gives instructions for using custom salutations for broadcast emails.

Creating salutations via the tool is a retired feature from Legacy Tools. You can still use this to insert salutations if you wish, but you cannot add new ones or edit any existing ones. We would recommend you use the new method instead, described below.

Using User Data for salutations in the subject

When creating an email, enter User Data into the subject line by clicking on the person icon next to the Subject field.

Choose which user data to include, and then set a fallback, if the user does not have any data for that particular field.

In the example above, if the supporter’s first name was empty, then the subject would change to “Supporter, will you take action?”.

You can also choose to replace the entire subject if a value is empty, like in the example below:

The text that appears in the subject line when you Save will use a coding system to label fields to be replaced during the email send, e.g.

{user_data~First Name~~Take action now}, will you take action?

Using User Data for salutations in the body

Click the Insert User Data icon

to insert user data.

You can specify a fallback value, should the field be empty. In this way you can build up a salutation that might say “Dear Harriet,” if they have a first name but otherwise “Dear friend,” if they don’t.

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