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Okta Single Sign On: Supporter Hub

Supporter Hub + Okta Integration Overview

The Okta integration uses the Open ID framework to allow authenticated users to seamlessly log in to the Supporter Hub, without being prompted to enter any credentials from Okta.

If already using Okta for allow users and admins to log into your Engaging Networks platform, then the Hub Okta app needs to be an additional one.

Set Up Instructions and Process

  1. Create a web app in Okta. The web app log-in and redirect URL will point to the Supporter Hub page.

  2. Add supporters under ‘Assignments’ in the web app with a primary email address for each. This will determine who is able to access the Hub.

  3. Construct a URL that will intercept the request to the Supporter Hub and ask the supporter for log-in details. This is the ‘authorize’ endpoint. Engaging Networks will use the email that comes across as the authentication email.

    Use one of:

    Accounts Hub (Canada server){masterId}

    Accounts Hub (U.S. server){masterId}

  4. Connect Okta in the Extensions Manager of your Engaging Networks account. Under Account Settings, click on the Extensions tab and select the Okta integration. Click ‘enable.’

5. In the Hub page admin settings, select Single Sign On, and enter and save the necessary credentials to configure.

6. When the redirect is sent to Engaging Networks, it will make the appropriate calls to obtain the access token. Using the access token, Engaging Networks will make a call to the ‘userinfo’ endpoint to obtain the email address of the authenticated user. It will then use that email address to log the supporter into the Hub.

Note: When a supporter logs out of the Hub, Engaging Networks will destroy the application session but will not log the user out of Okta.

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