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Supporter Hub: Manage Subscriptions gadget

Once you have set up your hub you can add gadgets to the main hub page. Click here to view the tutorial on creating your Hub.

In this tutorial we’ll be looking at the Manage Subscriptions gadget.

This gadget allows supporters to log in to your Hub and update their question and opt in preferences.

For example you may have a custom question on a page that asks the supporter to input a T-shirt size. If the supporter has made a mistake on the form they can simply visit the hub to update the size of the T-shirt if you have made the Manage Subscriptions gadget and this question available in your hub.

Users can also update their opt-in preferences in this gadget too if you choose to make these available in your Hub.

In the following video you’ll learn how to add a Manage Subscriptions gadget to your hub and make questions and opt-in updates available to your supporters.

(Viewing Time: 2m 41s)

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