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Supporter Hub: My Impact Gadget

Once you have set up your hub you can add gadgets to the main hub page. Click here to view the tutorial on creating your hub.

In this tutorial we’ll be looking at the My Impact gadget.

The My Impact Gadget allows you to display the impact of the action taken by your supporters by pulling predefined content in from your page builder pages.

Once logged into the hub, when your supporters access the My Impact Gadget they will only see content from actions they’ve taken part in.

My Impact Gadget page content

To set up the My Impact Gadget, the first thing you’ll need to do is add some additional Hub content in your page builder pages which will be shown to your supporters who access your Hub.

Head on over to Pages > Manage Pages in the main navigation bar to pull up the list of pages in your account. In the right hand column list you will see a ‘Thumbs Up’ icon. Click on this icon to access the Hub content for each of your pages.

In the Hub content area you can add the heading and page content you wish to display to your supporters through your Hub’s My Impact Gadget. You can add any combination of text, images and account linked data (blue buttons) to the content area via the WYSIWYG editor.

You can also choose to show this content in the hub from, until or between a specific date, or leave this field blank if you want to show the content permanently in the hub.

Adding a My Impact Gadget to your Hub

After adding adding additional hub content to your pages you’ll need to then add the My Impact Gadget into your Hub to display the page content to your supporters.

Open your Hub page, make sure you’re on the 2nd page (Hub) and drag the My Impact Gadget from the tools menu onto the page. Note: You’ll need to have a row container already on the page before you can add gadgets into your layout.

My Impact Gadget settings

You can set up how the My Impact Gadget is displayed to your visitors after adding it to your Hub page. The first tab ‘On Page’ allows you to change the title of your gadget and the icon used to represent it.

The second tab ‘Content’ allows you to format the way the Hub content from your pages is displayed in the My Impact Gadget.

Header Text: You can create an introduction or message for your supporters here. This will sit above the list of available Hub pages content.

Display Options: You can choose how many of the Hub page contents here. Note: Remember that only the Hub content for the pages the supporter has participated in will be shown.

Show Action Totals: Checking this box allows you to show the supporter how many actions that page has, or their total donations that page has earned for your organization.

No Actions Copy: If the user has not taken part in any actions you can change the message shown in this scenario.

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