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Account preferences – Do not store Bank Account Number and Bank Routing Transit Number

Released feature This setting has been made available after the 4 April 2020 software release

This feature will only be relevant for organizations processing supporter bank account and bank transit numbers (sort code) in order to set up recurring donations (e.g. BACS type payments such as ACH and Direct Debits).

It is expected that several US states will pass laws to make it illegal to store bank account numbers and transit numbers. Therefore, after April 4th you will have the option not to store this data. This setting will be managed via your Account Preferences page. Superadmins can go to this page via the Hello menu at the top, Account settings then Account Preferences.

NOTE If you choose this setting AFTER you have already been receiving donations via bank (ACH/EFT), you will need to contact Support to have these fields cleared.

Any integrations with gateways would be unaffected by this setting, and the data will be sent securely exactly as it is now. Recurring payments are tokenized and we do not need to store this data. However, if you need this information to set up BACS payments manually by using exported data, then of course you should not tick this setting.

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