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Advanced Redirect (page redirect)

A conditional redirect requires an Email Address on the page to operate.

If you wish to redirect supporters to a different website or Engaging Networks page, you need to use the Redirect option when adding new pages to your action:

Clicking on “Redirect” will show you this “Advanced Redirect” window, where you can choose your Primary Redirect URL. 

To add a smart redirect, click “Add Conditional Redirect”. This will show you an IF statement with a THEN outcome. 

Each statement will be numbered, and you can rearrange the statements to prioritise them using the arrows icon on the right hand side to drag and drop. Condition no.1 has the highest priority.

Once you have added a conditional redirect the “Primary Redirect” becomes the “Fallback Redirect”; if none of the conditions are met, the supporter by default is redirected to the “Fallback Redirect” URL.

IF Conditions

You have the choice of two IF statements. IF “a supporter is new” or “a supporter submits the page“:

  • A supporter is new” will identify supporters who are submitting their data for the first time, and redirect only these people to your chosen webpage.
  • A supporter submits the page” will show you the option to select a parameter the supporter submits with:

You can choose any supporter data field to redirect against, for example:

IF a supporter submits the page WITH “Region” that is equal to “London”

will filter any supporters that submit a form with the field “Region” that has the value “London” and redirect them to your chosen webpage.

As well as “that is equal to” you can also choose

  • that is not equal to
  • that starts with
  • that ends with
  • that contains

and then you can type in your search parameter in the box below.

THEN Outcomes

You have the choice of two THEN outcomes. THEN “redirect to external URL” or “redirect to page“:

  • Redirect to external URL” allows you to type in the URL of a webpage that you would like your supporters to be redirected to.
  • Redirect to page” shows you a selection box of all your live Engaging Networks actions, which you can choose from, and also which page in the action you specifically want the supporters to land in:

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