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Low volume page report

Closing or deleting pages that are no longer needed by your organization can help reduce your exposure to spam and fraud attacks. By closing or deleting pages, you limit the number of entry points for bad actors. It also can help reduce your overall account administration needs as you will have fewer pages to maintain.

The low volume page report can help to identify pages that may be inactive and that can be closed or deleted. The report is available to Super Admins and will display pages that meet all the following criteria:

  • Have a status of New or Live

  • Have 10 or fewer transactions over the last 6 months

  • Were created 30 or more days ago (newer pages are omitted)

The report provides an easy way to close and redirect or delete these low-volume pages in bulk.


How to access the report

The report is available to Super Admins by navigating to the following link based on the datacenter the Engaging Networks account is in:
US Datacenter - 
CA Datacenter - 

How to delete pages

  1. Select the page/s you would like to delete by checking the box next to the name of the form

  2. To delete just select image-20240701-180439.png button next to Bulk Actions (there is a confirmation step following this)

  3. Confirm the pages should be deleted by selecting Delete


Pages cannot be restored after deleting. Be sure you’re only selecting pages that you want to entirely delete from your Engaging Networks account. Deleted pages will not be available to query on in query builder.

How to close and redirect pages

  1. Select the page/s you would like to close and redirect by checking the box next to the name of the forms

  2. To close and redirect, click the image-20240701-180513.png button next to Bulk Actions and the options to redirect will pop up

  3. Select where to want to redirect to: a closed page (webpage), another page (another Engaging Networks page), or an external URL

  4. Then select which page or paste in the URL and click Close Pages

Closing or deleting pages will not cause recurring transactions to stop processing.

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