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Vanity URLs

URLs in Engaging Networks have a form like:


But sometimes you may wish to have a more readable URL, for example if you are printing a web address, or if you want to more easily read it out over the phone to supporters. Here’s one to show you how it might look:


In this case, if a supporter visits this URL it will redirect to the correct URL automatically.

It is possible to request this to be set up for your Engaging Networks base URLs. To do this, contact the support team and let them know the vanity URL (AKA friendly URL), and the final URL you want it to redirect it to.

We can only create vanity URLs for subdomains that have been set up for use with Engaging Networks, for example or your own Base URL that has been set up to point to our servers. We can’t set this for your main domain. For that, contact your own web team.

It’s not possible to use /page/ in the source URL because that is owned and controlled by our app.

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