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Engaging Networks sub processors list

This page provides information about the sub-processors that Engaging Networks has engaged in accordance with the Engaging Networks’ GDPR Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) to provide processing activities on behalf of our clients.

Any sub-processor which is involved in cross-border transfer of personal data is subject to relevant transfer-mechanism whether that be adequacy agreement or Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) or otherwise.

Engaging Networks will update this page at least 30 days before engaging a new sub-processor, and if you subscribe for updates, Engaging Networks will notify you by email of changes to any of the sub-processors listed on this page.

Sub processor



Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS)

AWS architecture and server location


Rackspace Technology

Managed Services Provider for AWS data centre



Web infrastructure and security management

Location of data subject through Cloudflare’s ‘Anycast Network’


Oracle database administration and management



Email Monitoring and Deliverability consulting

Netherlands, Canada & United States of America

Engaging Networks USA – software support services

Additional or ‘out of hours’ client support for UK / rest of world clients

United States of America

Engaging Networks software support services

Client support (UK and EU)

United Kingdom, European Union


Optional secure file sharing service

United States of America

Very Good Security (VGS)

Managed Services Provider for tokenizing credit card data

United States, Germany

You can subscribe to our email alerts to receive updates whenever we make changes to this list of sub-processors.

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