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Release Notes February 2023

Release 4.7.0 is scheduled to deploy on February 03, 2023 at 9pm ET.

Notable Updates

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools access has so far been limited to beta testers but will be available to all clients following the release.  If you would like Marketing Tools to be added in your account, please contact your Account Success Manager.

  • Sample templates can now be customized and saved.
  • New email senders can now be added directly on the Message Editor.
  • The workflow for managing profiles for inner conditional content has been simplified.
  • The TipTap rich text editor has been restyled, including new grouping of editing icons. 
  • New hover-over tooltips are available for quick guidance.
  • UI updates to the message testing page to improve workflows to test, schedule and send.
  • The Preview text editable field has been added on the Message Settings tag.
  • New UI for switching between conditional SMS messages.
  • Improved save and discard button workflows across multiple pages.
  • Additional help copy has been included on various pages to improve user experience.
  • Unsubscribe metrics have been added to the Message send report.

Billing integration

  • Clients will now have the ability to see their current invoices in the Engaging networks dashboard.

Page builder page rendering

  • Going forward only domains listed in Allowed Domains list will allow pages to render.


Salesforce Connector

  • New audit trails are available, logging:
    • Connecting/disconnecting users through OAUTH
    • Contact mappings (i.e. named Salesforce users linking or unlinking a named account.)
    • Transaction mappings (i.e. a named Salesforce user imported, exported, or updated a named set of records.)
    • Settings (i.e. a named Salesforce user enabling or disabling a particular setting)
  • Under Account Structure: Fields are now checked if used in contact mapping or lead forms prior to deleting


  • Advanced Fraud Detection has been integrated into the Stripe Gateway Payment Intents workflow
  • Uploaded files are now checked against OPSWAT’s Reputation API for malware. Files deemed suspicious or malicious will be rejected from upload.


  • Replacement receipts issued are now available in the Single Transaction Receipts download.

Marketing Automation

  • The list view of marketing automations can now be sorted by status using the column toggle.

Page builder and emails

  • Dynamic year tag is now available to insert the current year in pages, emails and autoresponders. The tag to use is ${page~currentYear}.

Images and files library

  • We have added support for .webp images

Bug Fixes

Page Builder

  • The recurring donation date merge tag was not pulling in properly in autoresponders. This has been corrected.
  • The ‘inform’ in memoriam URL parameters were not populating the fields. This has been fixed.
  • One-click FOC transactions were 1) missing the receipt number in the Campaign Data 18 column; and 2) they were missing credit card expiration dates in the transaction history. Both fixes have been applied.
  • Locales were not applying language-specific changes in the upsell lightbox. This has been fixed.
  • Stripe Gateway:
    • Values passed into the recurring end date field using a triple text or triple select field were recorded as an FCS instead of an FCR transaction. This has been fixed to record as FCR accordingly.
    • Emails are trimmed to remove any trailing spaces after sending the data to Stripe. This has been updated to send Stripe the trimmed emails.
  • Paysafe Gateway: Profile ID will be pulled from Paysafe using merchantCustomerId (SupporterId) to avoid duplication.
  • Google Pay: The Google Pay window was not closing after landing on the thank you page. This has been fixed.


  • A new endpoint has been added to allow bulk updates for supporter suppressions and status updates.

Supporter Management

  • Adding members of a household was producing an error. This has been fixed.


  • Merge tags were not populating on subscription pages from email. This has been resolved.


  • Finance Reports were not including refunds for ‘credit card single transactions.’ This has been fixed and is included. 


  • Contacts could not be removed from the ETT Target Settings tab. This has now been updated to allow.

Marketing Automation

  • When duplicating an automation, the selected supporter field for conditions was not retained. This has been corrected.

Marketing Tools

  • Deleting all HTML in a block was not producing a validation warning. This has been updated to display before confirming deletion.
  • When selecting additional actions, content blocks with a long overhang were remaining in view on screen. This has been fixed.


  • When adding multiple email Engagement Score filters to a profile, the values were not retained when saving. This has been fixed.
  • When creating a profile with the membership purchases filter, the membership types were hidden before saving. This has been fixed.

Supporter Hub

  • Validation has been added  to prevent supporters from being able to set 0 as the donation amount or recurring frequency in the Hub donations gadget. 


Peer-to-Peer Updates

Peer-to-Peer Version 4.4.1

New Features

  • Fundraisers can now quickly send emails to the default Contact lists in their dashboards. This includes: All Contacts, Never Emailed, To Be Thanked, Donors and Non-Donors.
  • If a Question was deleted after adding it to a P2P Form, the Form Save function will now warn you and not allow you to save the form.
  • Added “Second” Contact fields into P2P field lists.
  • Added a default Privacy Policy Page to all sites: To meet Facebook requirements, all sites have a
  • Privacy policy page in the footer of the site. Clients can edit this page to meet Organization standards.
  • API update: Ability to fetch appeal code from Supporter

Bug Fixes

  • Opt-in on Fundraiser Profile Form not prefilling with fundraiser selection and not saving properly
  • Creating Menu Items: Issue creating Menu Pages on sites with a private domain
  • Task Widget: Errors saving when unselecting pre-selected tasks
  • Fundraiser Email templates: Saving an email template was not working correctly when composing an email in the pop out window.
  • Reports: Errors occurred when removing Fields from reports
  • Removed the “Add to Home” Mobile feature
  • Removed Google + as a share option in widget
  • Issue with Campaign Activation Email going to Team Captains: If the Team Captain new group member notification was on, the Campaign Activation email was being sent to the Team Captain instead of the registrant.
  • Creating External Menu pages: There was an issue with going back and forth in changing internal/external types.
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