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Release Notes June 2023

Release 4.9.0 deployed on June 30, 2023 at 3pm ET / 8pm BST.

This release is focused on a direct integration, upsell lightbox for Premium donation pages, and a new API endpoint to support the transfer of recurring gifts to Engaging Networks.
Although the release may seem small, it is significant because our alpha code for the new peer to peer tool is being deployed to production. In September, we plan to open the new platform to a short-list of beta clients and partners for user testing, so please look out for communications around this exciting update.

Notable Updates

Advocacy – US only

A new extension has been added to facilitate submitting comments collected on Engaging Networks pages to selected dockets. Clients can now set up the comment collection using Email to Target page type.


Data API

  • The REST API now includes a new endpoint which will enable you to migrate recurring transaction schedules for individual supporters into Engaging Networks. All that is required is a gateway supplied token, as well as any details about the schedule you wish to set up. 

  • When importing Origin Source through the API, Origin Source Category had to be imported for the process to complete. This has now been updated to make Category optional.


An improvement has been made to Survey page processing to allow an individual supporter to submit their responses only once. If you would like this setting to be enabled in your account, please contact the support team.

Page Builder

Upsell Lightbox is now available on the Premium Donation page type.

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