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Release Notes March 2022

Release 4.3.0 deployed on March 11, 2022 at 9pm ET.

Release Highlights

Notable Updates

Upsell Lightbox

On donation forms, you will now have an option to directly enable a pop-up lightbox to encourage supporters to a) make their gift recurring, or b) increase the amount of their selected recurring donation.

The lightbox will be available as a shared component with display options and conditions to customize.

Please see more details on setting up upsell lightboxes here.

Stripe ACH

ACH will now be available as a payment method option if using the Stripe gateway. The implementation uses a Plaid account (owned by Engaging Networks) as an intermediary layer for searching for and authenticating the supporter’s bank details. This is specific to U.S. banks to collect from other U.S. banks (in USD).

Please see more details on setting up Stripe ACH here.


Dynamic Year Field in Pages

A dynamic year field is now available as an insert option within pages. This will allow the current year to be automatically displayed and updated on included pages (such as in copyright footers). This would be available as an insert token as: ${page~currentYear}.

Email Activity Profiles: Marketing Automation Filter

In email activity profiles, a checkbox filter option has been added to allow users to select to include marketing automation emails in the profile. If selected, this would allow pulling supporters who have opened / clicked through / converted on any emails (bulk and/or marketing automation ) in the last x days.

This additional Marketing Automation filter would not be available to enable if using the specific email type filters (newsletter / fundraising / advocacy).

Token Descriptions

In account settings, tokens now have description fields available to record notes on usage.

Paysafe EFT

Using the Paysafe gateway, EFT payments may now be collected via the REST API.

Annual Receipting

Initial imported recurring transactions will now be excluded by default from annual receipts. These are primarily used to initiate the start of recurring payments in Engaging Networks and are not true transactions. An option will be available to include imported transactions if intended to include in annual receipts.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

Page Builder

  • Captcha: The captcha timeout error was only displaying on forms with digital wallets enabled. This has been resolved.
  • Trimming blank spaces in email: Email addresses previously submitted with a blank space at the end were producing an error on submission. The blank spaces are now automatically trimmed on submission when there is no email validator added.
  • Page sections were deleted after clicking ‘cancel’ from an initial deletion selection. This has been corrected.
  • Profiles added in Page Builder were not automatically loading in components. This has been fixed.
  • Locales were not delivering as set in opt-in confirmation emails. This has been corrected. Additionally, in notification emails, the Opt In Component Name is now used instead of the Label name to clarify when using multiple locales.

Data & Reporting

  • CSV import: An error was occurring when deleting a supporter via CSV import with only one record included. This has been resolved.

Email Seed Lists

  • Email headers in seed lists were not authenticating correctly based on domain settings. This has been corrected.
  • The x-job parameter has also been added to seed list email headers to appear in the same way as in broadcast emails.


  • Single contacts coming through ETT pages are now validated on submission.
  • In Tweet to Target settings, redirect and filter conditions were not saving. This has been fixed.
  • In political broadcast queries, filters using ‘does not equal’ were falsely displayed as ‘equals’ in preview. This has been corrected.

Payment Gateways

  • When donating through Stripe digital wallets, the donation amount validator was not respected. This has been fixed.
  • Vantiv recurring payments through Apple Pay and credit card were passed through the API as ‘initialinstallment.’ This has been corrected to pass as ‘initialrecurring.’
  • Stripe SEPA (EU direct debit) updates have been made based on new requirements for IBANs from non-EU countries to include billing city, address line 1, postal code, and country.

Supporter Hub

  • Opening a linked page through the Membership gadget was failing to display other gadgets in the hub. This has been fixed.

Other Notes

U.S. State Legislative Committee Targeting

The U.S. state legislative committees are now available to use in advocacy targeting.

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