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Release Notes May 2023

Release 4.8.0 is scheduled to deploy on May 26, 2023 at 3pm ET / 8pm BST.

Notable Updates

Marketing Tools

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our marketing tools. We are constantly striving to improve our products, and this release is just the beginning of a series of exciting updates that we have planned. We welcome your feedback and input as we work to make our marketing tools the best they can be.

  • Preview message functionality is now available on the Broadcast Testing page. Users can preview each individual message in a browser tab.
  • Folders and subfolders structure has been added to various screens across Marketing Tools.
  • Import/Export functionality has been added for Marketing Tools templates and blocks.
  • When editing email message in Marketing Tools Broadcasts it is now possible to add and manage ‘reply to’ email addresses directly on the page.
  • Improvements have been made to custom link parameters functionality to allow users to paste parameter chains.
  • Users can now test Marketing Tools Broadcast messages prior to selecting broadcast audience.
  • Email Seed Lists have been added to live broadcast sending.

New Free and Flexible email template

Free and Flexible email template replaces the CTA template and newsletter template. You can use as many or as few of the sample blocks as required. Works for appeal emails, engagement and fundraising.   New sample blocks
  • Centred image block
  • Social share block
  • Two CTA buttons side by side
  • Two column body text (no images)
  • Horizontal rule
  • Body text on coloured background
  • Logo presentation: You can now resize the logo, and use a full width banner logo if required.
  • Margin controls: Set on each sample block so you can adjust the vertical spacing.
  • Footer: You are now able to change the text colour as well as the background colour.
  • CTA buttons: You can change the colours at the block level, rather than globally, meaning you are not restricted to just one colour on a broadcast.
  • Mobile settings: Change the body text size and alignment on mobile devices
  • Text and image news stories: Adjustable widths for image and text columns.
  • Improved rendering on MS Outlook.

Stripe Direct Debit – UK

In this new release, we have improved our Direct Debit integration with Stripe. This update allows you to send a single branded Annual Notice Letter directly from Engaging Networks on the day of submission, rather than multiple notices being sent from Stripe.

  • It is now possible to enable and manage Advance Notice Letters directly in the Engaging Networks dashboard. The Advance Notice message will be sent via email when the status of the mandate changes from pending to success, which normally happens within a day.
  • A new Recurring Start Date field has been added to allow donors to define exactly when their recurring payment schedule should start as an alternative to using Recurring Day.


Marketing Tools

  • User experience around handling unsaved changes when editing messages has been improved.
  • Text length/Segment number calculation has been added to Marketing Tools SMS messages and is now visible in the dashboard when editing SMS content.
  • Default view in blocks list has been changed to display custom client blocks.
  • Supporter data insert tool on message edit page has been improved to include untagged fields.
  • Improvements have been made to the Broadcast Reporting page to make it more readable.
  • Marketing Tools Broadcast data is now included in Email Campaign Summary reports and Email Activity profiles.

Page Builder

  • Digital Wallets are now available on Premium Donation pages. 
  • Autoresponders: Additional operators have been added to the Direct Gift filter in custom autoresponders. This list now includes Equal to, Starts with and Ends with.
  • Autoresponders: Recurring frequency has been added to the custom autoresponder filters list to facilitate creating customised email content for different gift frequencies.


  • If more than one replacement receipt is issued, the original receipt number tag previously populated with the first/original receipt number. This tag will now list all prior replacement receipt numbers.
  • Annual receipting currency dropdown list will now include any currencies processed successfully in the past year.


  • When migrating recurring payments into Engaging Networks, the initial transaction log (it appears under History in Lookup Supporter) will now show the amount as 0 to avoid it being counted in reporting and annual receipting.
  • Handling credit card numbers has been improved to trim spaces.

Rest API

  • New API calls have been added to allow users to view a list of page-builder components (pages, templates, text blocks, image blocks, form blocks, and code blocks). It is additionally possible to view which pages are associated with that component.
  • New API calls to allow Survey page questions and Constituent responses/answers have been added to allow clients to read supporter responses and write to external systems.


  • An updated ETA transaction is now generated when supporters are marked as having attended an event.

Supporter Hub

  • Donations Gadget in the Supporter Hub previously displayed only latest recurring gift. This has now been changed to allow donors to view and manage all active recurring gifts.

Images and files library

  • JavaScript file size upload limit has been increased to 400kb.
  • CSS file size upload limit has been increased to 600kb.

Bug Fixes

Marketing Tools

  • Validation error wasn’t displaying a clear message when existing broadcast name was being entered, this has been fixed.
  • External and campaign links in test emails sent to seed list recipients were generating “not found” page when clicked on. This has been resolved.
  • When duplicating a Marketing Tools broadcast with split test enabled, it was not possible for a user to convert it to a single email broadcast. This has been resolved.

Page Builder

  • Handling of apostrophes in Name, Public Title and Notes fields on admin page has been improved.
  • Advanced redirect URLs with added custom parameters were previously encoded when saved. This has been updated so that the URL string is retained without encoding.


  • There was an issue with PTM transactions being generated, when a Premium donation utilised the Stripe 3D gateway and was structured in a single page format. This issue has been resolved.


  • When using the search function, the list results did not render correctly. This has been resolved.

Supporter Hub

  • Merge tags weren’t working correctly in subject lines of Hub authentication emails. This has now been fixed.
  • Change logs displaying 0 amounts have been removed from giving history gadget.

Supporter Management

  • Supporter Notes gadget in Manage Supporters dashboard did not respect page display settings selected. This has been resolved.
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