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Release Notes October 2022

Release 4.5.0 deployed on October 14, 2022 at 9pm ET.

Notable Updates

New Automation for Mastercard Requirements

A new Marketing Automation target is available to give sustainers notice of upcoming recurring charges. This can be leveraged to meet the Mastercard requirements prior to recurring gifts being charged.

Please note: we recommend linking to the Supporter Hub to allow supporters to view and manage their recurring gift details and meet the related requirements.

Worldpay 3DS Flex Upgrade

The Worldpay payment gateway integration has been upgraded to 3DS Flex. This meets the current security requirements from Worldpay. In the Engaging Networks gateway settings (Account Settings > Gateways), Worldpay clients will need to check the ‘Enable 3D’ option and enter the Cardinal Commerce credentials provided by Worldpay. If you have not received or do not have access to the required Cardinal Commerce credentials, please contact Worldpay directly to confirm.


Payment Gateways

The option to mark a transaction as refunded is now available across payment gateways with a deep integration on Engaging Networks. In the Supporter Lookup view, a ‘Mark as refunded’ button will appear along with the ‘Refund donation’ button to select.

Page Builder

  • The primary WYSIWYG through CKEditor has been upgraded to 4.19.1.
  • New audit trails have been added to page editing to allow page components to be audited. This includes the following:
    • TEMPLATE (Template)
    • FORM_BLOCK (Form Block)
    • SVB_BLOCK (Survey Block)
    • FORM_FIELD (Form Field)
    • QUESTION (Questions)
    • DIS_WIDGET (Display Widget)
    • SOCIAL_SET (Social Settings)
    • REDIRECT (Page Redirects)
    • UPSELL (Upsell Lightbox)
    • TEXT_BLOCK (Text Block)
    • CODE_BLOCK (Code Block)
    • THANK_MAIL (Auto Responder)
    • REM_EMAIL (Event Reminder Email)
    • E_CARD (E-card)
    • HUB_GADGET (Hub Gadget)
    • HUB_COPY (Hub Copy Block)


  • A REST API endpoint has been added for audit logs to be downloaded.
  • Locale is now passed to the ENS API on page processing.


  • Individual permissions for Finance have been added under Data Management.
  • Each child permission under Finance can now be controlled individually.

Supporter Management

  • We have added external_system as a new Origin Source Category option to select from the dropdown.

Regional Based-Captcha

  • An improvement has been made to the regional based captcha rules so that the supporters IP address is checked on page load and rendered appropriately. Prior to this update, the requirement was that the supporter had to submit the page first.


  • New Marketing Channels for SMS have been added.


  • Domain authentication is now available under Account Settings for all accounts regardless of Email module usage. 

Bugs and Adjustments


  • When a recurring gift was scheduled to run on the same day of cancellation, it was still seen as active. This has been resolved with additional checks on recurring payment status before processing.
  • Under Recurring Donations gadget when changing the credit card used for the recurring donation, a field to allow Payment Type has been included.

Manage Supporters

  • Columns were misaligned when downloading Transaction History supporter data. This has been corrected.

Page Builder

  • When inserting campaign links in a page text block, the assigned tracking value was not retained, even though in the WYSIWYG actual value persisted. This has been resolved.
  • Decimal values were not supported for the fee cover percentage option on fundraising pages. This has been updated to allow decimals.
  • Display widgets previously rounded up to the nearest whole value for percentages. They now round down to the nearest whole value to ensure reflecting need until a goal is met.
  • Questions, Highest Previous Contribution (HPC), and Most Recent Contribution (MRC) values can now be cleared via import.
    • If importing [CLEAR] for HPC, MRC, or standard questions, the value will be empty.
    • If importing [CLEAR] for opt-in questions, the value will change to N.
  • When downloading results from a survey page type and selecting an export group, the header row included the field tags. This has been corrected to instead include the descriptive name of the field designated in the account data structure.


  • When delivering Email-to-Target messages, invalid characters are now removed from name fields before generating email addresses.
  • CSS in the HTML Email-to-Target PDF attachment was not rendering properly on download. This has been corrected.


  • When revoking overall Finance permissions under Fundraising, individual permissions could remain enabled. This has been updated to allow for revoking all Finance permissions as intended, or managing individual Finance permissions accordingly.


  • When duplicating an event page type, the gateway settings were not retained for newly duplicated pages. This has been resolved to retain when duplicating.

Payment Gateways

  • Using the iATS gateway, the first and last name fields were not passing over when updating recurring gift details. This has been fixed.
  • For transactions collected using the Encrypted Bank Store solution, the transaction status is now editable.


  • When using Marketing Channels to build tracking parameters, a rule excluded ‘direct’ channels from appending UTM parameters. This has been removed so that all marketing channels will apply their respective UTMs.


  • When updating Contact mapping, a set of workflow rule instructions was shown to guide administrators. The “Rule 2” option has been updated as it indicated that the current rule did not need to check for the CHANGEALL() field options.

Salesforce announced plans to deprecate Workflows and replace with its automation suite, ‘Flow’, in its Winter 2023 release. We will be keeping tabs of its development and review suitable Flow rules in 2023.

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