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Release Notes September 2023

This release is scheduled to deploy on September 29, 2023 at 3pm ET.

Notable Updates

Donor Advised Funds through Chariot

(US market only right now)

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to the Engaging Networks platform – a seamless integration of Donor Advised Funds (DAF) as a payment method through Chariot.

Donor Advised Funds are charitable giving accounts that allow donors to set aside funds for charitable purposes and receive immediate tax benefits. Currently available only to the US market, with plans of expansion, Chariot supports a wide range of DAF providers to allow your supporters to easily donate through the charitable accounts.

With this enhancement, Engaging Networks is expanding its range of payment options, empowering organizations and their supporters with greater flexibility when it comes to supporting charitable initiatives.

Click here to read more about the new DAFs and for roadmap items related to this integration.

Adding this payment method to your donation pages may have implications for your data integrations. We recommend reaching out to your data integration partners to initiate a discussion regarding the specifics of implementing DAF payments in your account.

Join us on October 12th, 2023 at 2pm EST for an informational webinar on the new DAF integration. 


Marketing Tools

  • We have added a range of additional editing options on the text editor in Marketing Tools to aid content creation and simplify formatting. The following new icons can now be found on the text editor toolbar:

    • Paste & Paste as plain text 
    • Increase / decrease indent 
    • Left To Right / Right To Left text direction. RTL text direction, commonly associated with languages like Arabic and Hebrew, dictates that text starts from the right side and progresses to the left.
    • Text color
    • Text background color
    • Text size
  • Marketing Tools data is now included in Visual Reporting
  • Job names in the job monitor have been updated to use the broadcast name. This will make it easier to find jobs corresponding to sent email and SMS Marketing Tools broadcasts.

Salesforce Connector

We are excited to announce that the Engaging Networks Salesforce Connector is now on the AppExchange! Watch the video below for a walkthrough of the new package updates.

Package Updates

  • A new package is now available (1.32) that includes improvements in the processing engine and a trigger to help manage merges inside Salesforce.
  • ‘Match Grouping’ now provides the ability for mapping rules to group together multiple transactions.
  • New Trigger on Contact : “Merged Contact” Audit trail.

Processing Improvements

New setting option to leverage Salesforce’s native duplicate and matching rules instead of the Fuzzy Name + Strict Email lookup rule.


Payflow Pro gateway: an additional parameter (L_DESCn) is now used to pass the value “Engaging Networks” to the gateway in order to indicate Engaging Networks processed the transaction.


E-commerce is now called Symbolic Giving across the Engaging Networks platform in order to align with its intended functionality.


All Facebook libraries have been upgraded to Graph API v12 following Facebook deprecating Graph API v11


Module is currently in alpha testing. 

Our dedicated team has been hard at work enhancing our upcoming peer-to-peer tools.  Some of the exciting features we are focusing on are around Automated Messages, Discount Codes and ‘Participant scoping’. The latter is a unique feature that enables clients to define which fields, text and imagery should be displayed to a fundraiser during registration, based on participant type – with no custom scripts or workarounds needed!



Twilio Extension: There was an issue saving the Short URL domain used for links in SMS sending. This has been resolved.

Political Tools

An issue has been discovered that prevented political email reports from downloading if the email was sent to more than 1000 contacts. This has been fixed.

Marketing Tools

We’ve enhanced the validation process for Marketing Tools message names, ensuring that invalid characters no longer impact link encoding.


Double the Donation: Free form text entry is now passed to 360MatchPro.


The Hub Donation Gadget now features an updated list of card expiry dates, ensuring that any past years have been excluded for a more streamlined experience.

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