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Software Updates – Peer-to-Peer – Version 4.3.4

Peer-to-Peer Version 4.3.4 deployed on April 27, 2022 at 9pm ET.

Functional Improvements

Facebook Social Sign-On

  • Addition of the ‘Logged in with Facebook’ field to all reports: Users can now add this field to a report to indicate if a fundraiser created their login with the Facebook social sign-on.
  • Disconnect from FB: A button has been added to
    the manage fundraiser screen to provide the Administrator a tool to disconnect a fundraiser’s login from their Facebook account and therefore enable the creation of a login.
  • Do not allow site URL to be only numeric: A warning has been added to block admin users from creating a site URL that is all numeric values.
  • Import your past Contacts:  This setting has been changed to appear every time a fundraiser navigates to the Contacts tab and has not imported past contacts.  Previously, it appeared only the first time on the tab.
  • Accessibility Improvement – Fundraiser Dashboard did not pass color contrast: The Default color contrast has been improved to pass this check.
  • Accessibility Improvement – Alt-Tags on Fundraiser Page: The fundraiser page banner and profile image did not pass compliance checks because they lacked a recognizable Alt tag.
  • Accessibility Improvement All pages:  Social share icons announce “void:0 link”
  • Accessibility Improvement – HQ Chatter button announces “Button”
  • Accessibility Improvement – HQ No ALT on Group Roster images
  • Accessibility Improvement – HQ Donations “Filter By” select not keyboard focusable
  • Accessibility Improvement – HQ Email
    • Tabbing resets to site header when selecting ‘Select Campaign Page’
    • Recipient list buttons not keyboard focusable; cannot remove recipient with keyboard
    • Accessibility Improvement – HQ Reports: No content announced by reader except for View Donors link

Bug Fixes

  • PSD2 and SCA payments error with reCAPTCHA: PSD2 SCA secure payments were not processing if reCAPTCHA was enabled.
  • Multi-Page DIY issues filling email with default content:  The fundraiser HQ was not pre-populating with the campaign default email content when a fundraiser selected the Email tab or the Email icon on the dashboard.
  • Donor Roll not displaying Japanese characters: Donor comments made using Japanese characters were not showing as entered. 
  • Dashboard Tasks List was showing duplicate entries on a Multi-page DIY site:  Tasks were duplicated in the right column.
  • Page Name containing quotes:  A page name that contained “” was interfering with moving Payments to that page.
  • NULL Questions:  The interface was retrieving deleted questions from the system and showing them for selection.
  • Birthday causing Family Report to Fail: Report is fixed.
  • API Fix: Retrieving top groups via the API included deleted groups.


Peer-to-Peer Hotfix Version 4.3.5 | May 17, 2022.

  • Group Leader email tools:  When a group leader chooses to email members of their group, there was an error on the screen preventing them from completing the email.
  • Page Names with apostrophe causing error when attempting to move donations:  An error occurred when an admin attempted to move a donation to a page that contains an apostrophe in the name.

Peer-to-Peer Hotfix Version 4.3.6 | June 6, 2022.

  • Honor roll:  When an emoji was pasted in the comments, it produced an error in rendering the honor roll.
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