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Target and biography data columns in contact databases

If you have an email-to-target action using a postcode database, there are several columns available for use with redirect & filters (using “If the database returns the value”), for example to redirect supporters who live in Wales. You can also use the data to insert into target messages, such as the target’s Salutation or Party, via the target insert button.

They are:

Column name

What it holds

SalutationThe complete salutation of the target, e.g. “Dear Ms May,”

The area the target represents, e.g. “Wolverhampton South East”

MEP All Europe: Country and European Parliament Constituency (if used), e.g. “Poland – Lesser Poland and Świętokrzyskie” or “Spain”

Position heldNot used

The target’s title, e.g. “Ms”

First name

The target’s first name

Last name

The target’s last name


The target’s suffix, e.g. “MP”

Phone number

The phone number of the target if available

Fax number

Not used

Various address fields

The address fields of the target if available

Party image

URL of their party’s image, used for Twitter actions

Biography 1

MEP All Europe: European Parliament constituency (Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Poland only)

Biography 2

Not used

Twitter Handle

The @handle of the target if available

Biography 4

UK councillor databases: Region type (District Council (Northern Ireland), English Non-Metropolitan District, English Unitary Authority, London Borough, Metropolitan Council (England), Scottish Unitary Authority, Welsh Unitary Authority)

Biography 5

Not used

Biography 6

US Congress: Committee assignments

MEP All Europe: Political group of the European Parliament

Biography 7

USA & Australia: State

Canada: Province

UK (except NHS databases): UK region (one of East Midlands, Eastern, London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber)

MEP All Europe: Country


Westminster MP, MSP/MS/MLA England MP, MEP All Europe, US Congress – House & Senate: The target’s political party

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