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Lookup Supporter Gadgets – Manage Supporter

The Lookup Supporter’s “Manage Supporter” gadget displays supporter data (from the account data structure). You can also see the supporter’s opt-in preferences and email suppression status here. You can customize which supporter fields and opt-in questions are displayed.

There are several other gadgets available (click here for more), but this gadget is the only one that cannot be removed. 

Updating the record

To update the supporter record, simply make the changes necessary and click “save”.

Opt-in questions that have not been responded to by the supporter will be grey (neither Y nor N selected). “Y” responses will be green and “N” responses will be red.

You must click on the edit icon to modify the supporter’s email address.


To customize the supporter fields and opt-in questions displayed in the gadget click on the settings icon


Add or remove the fields and opt-in questions from your view by clicking on them. When enabled they will be highlighted and have a green checkmark.

Click “Save” once you are done customizing the gadget to apply your changes.

Advanced users If you need to re-order fields you have to do this in the Account Data Structure. This will effect all users.


Clicking “Rollback ” will allow you to revert changes made to the supporter record. The last three revisions to the data are stored for you to select from and include the following fields: Title, First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, Region, Postal Code, Country, Telephone.

Click on the stored value you would like to rollback to. You can select any combination of values from the available data sets.

Once you have selected the values to restore click on the “Restore Selected Values” button to return to the supporter record.

Click “save” on the “Manage Supporters” gadget to commit to the rollback.

Suppression Status

A “suppression” is an email address that has either hard bounced, seen a number of soft bounces or is the source of a spam complaint. You will only see this if the supporter’s record has been suppressed. Emails sent to suppressed supporters are removed from the send queue. However, you can stop it from being suppressed if you believe a mistake has occurred by clicking “unsuppress”.

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