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Lookup Supporter Gadgets – Membership

The Supporter Lookup Membership gadget displays a list of the supporter’s Memberships transactional history stored within Engaging Networks.

You can customize how many transactions are displayed at once. You can also include multiple gadgets in your layout and give each a custom display name.

NOTE: The “Transaction History” gadget is meant to be a visual representation of the transaction only and does not allow you to accomplish transaction-specific tasks. The transaction-specific gadgets have additional functions built in to do this.

Membership transaction types

The three-letter code denotes the type of membership transaction you will see. For the membership gadget only this one is shown:

Membership Purchase


The legacy membership type MEM, which is no longer used, is not displayed in this gadget.

Membership details

If you click on one of green membership rows, you will be shown more information on the purchase.

  • Membership Information – this section gives information on the membership purchased including start date, expiry date, term, and status

  • Associated Members – this section gives information on any associated members and also allows you to view and update their details

  • Transaction Information – this section gives IDs, payment type and expiry date information of the payment itself


By default this gadget loads with a default name, every transaction type displayed and only ten transactions are loaded at a time.

To customize the display name, which transaction types are displayed, or to change the number of transactions loaded at a time click on the settings icon

Enter the new name into the text field provided.

You can choose to load 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 transactions per page.

Click “Save” once you are complete customizing the gadget to apply your changes.

In order to view the custom display name of your gadget you must first exit the supporter record.

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