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Events: Add to Calendar Link

Through the Events module, you may include an ‘Add to Calendar’ option for supporters to save the event to their calendar via the thank you confirmation email.

The calendar link will be available as an .ics file, so all email/calendar providers that support .ics files will be able to click to add directly to their calendar. If the provider does not support it, the supporter will be able to download the .ics file and then add to the desired calendar.

In the Autoresponders section of the Event page, select the Thank You Email to edit.

Select the Ticket from the dropdown menu in order for the attachment “Insert Link” icon to appear in the email editor.

Add the copy you would like included to link to the .ics file, highlight, and click the “Insert Link” icon. 

Select ‘Calendar URL‘ in the Attachment Type dropdown. Engaging Networks will convert the URL for the user to be sent an .ics file in the auto-responder.

The calendar event will auto-populate the campaign page title in the summary, as well as the description, organizer, and location from the Event page details. Location details will include the venue name if provided alongside of the address.

The link to download the ticket will also need to be included in the email using the Insert Link function for both to render properly in the auto-responder.

For more details on setting up tickets and any other settings for your event page, please refer to this article.

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