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Membership type list block

The Membership type list block is a page-builder component only available for Membership pages. 

It is used to display the available memberships to the supporter, who can then choose to Join using that membership type, or Renew. It offers some layout options and how to handle renewals of existing memberships.

It is placed in the first section of the Membership page, which is known as the Membership list

Editing a membership type list block

To edit the block, just hover over the block as usual. You can also drag it from the right-hand toolbar if it doesn’t already exist, under the Membership area.

From here you have two tabs, Membership types and Renewals.

Membership types tab

The first tab is used to decide what membership types should be offered, taken from the Membership types created in Components. You can add, remove, and re-order them using the arrow icons. You can also set the Join and Renew button texts should you wish.

The layout is either a list, in which each membership type is displayed with Join buttons on each, or as selectors that only display information on the selected type.

Renewals tab

When a supporter decides to renew a membership by clicking the Renew button a membership type, they will be asked for their membership number or email address so the system can locate the information. Once it is located it will email a link to the Hub as specified in the page admin settings, which would contain a membership gadget for the supporter to use. 

This tab allows you to set the text for these on-screen communications.

The renew buttons would not be displayed if no hub is set for renewals.

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