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One-click donation overview

Skill Level


You should already have created a donation page and know how to use the page-builder interface

What will I learn?

In this article you will learn how One Click donation pages work. One Click pages enable existing supporters to donate again without re-entering their credit card information.

Video Walkthrough

This page describes the logic behind one-click donations. If you would like to build one, click here.

Our one-click technology allows clients to re-process single donations from an email (only) using the token that we have stored from an earlier transaction, leading to higher conversion rates for email appeals. The donor will only be required to enter the amount of the transaction.

Donors who have never made a previous donation via Engaging Networks, and therefore do not have a token in our database, will be unable to make donations using the one-click process. These donors will be directed to the full donation page where they can fill out the form and submit their donation normally.

Donor Journey

When a donor clicks a link to a donation page from an email sent from Engaging Networks, we first determine whether the page has been set to process one-click donations. By default, this will not be the case. So if the donation page has not a one-click donation page set on it, the normal processing journey will take place.

However, if you have set the donation page to have a one-click page, then will then verify if the donor is one-click eligible. To be one-click eligible a donor must:

  1. Have made a previous donation via the same payment gateway associated with the landing page.
  2. The gateway must be one of the providers that use tokens .
  3. The token must also be for a card that has a valid expiry date.

Tokens are valid for a minimum of one year and indefinitely for some gateways (assuming the items above are true).

If the donation page and the donor are both one-click eligible, we will direct the donor to a variation of the normal donation page that will only display:

  • The donation amount field
  • A customizable statement that references the card that will be charged by showing the payment method and the last four digits of the card (“your VISA card ending in 1234 will be charged”)

The normal options to customize the HTML template, and copy blocks will also be available. Instructions for setting up the one-click landing page can be found here .

From the one-click donation page, the donor will also have the option of completing the donation using a different card. This link to use a different card will simply load the normal donation page and pre-populate the donor data. The donor can then enter new card information and submit the normal page. This flow is illustrated in Figure 1.

The other option from the one-click page is for the donor to complete the transaction, charging the same card. They will only need to select a donation amount, or simply submit the default selection in the donation amount field. Submitting the one-click page will tell our software to take the stored token and the donation amount, and submit them to the payment gateway. If the response from the gateway is to approve the transaction, we will display the normal exit page. If the gateway rejects the transaction, we will display the normal donation page so that the donor can enter new card data and update address information and re-submit. This flow is illustrated in Figure 2.

Fig. 1. Gateway Error or Donor Card ChangeFig. 2. No Error or Change on One-Click Page

Transactional Data

One-Click transactions will be recorded with the same transactional data fields as a normal donation page transaction. They will be assigned the campaign type of “FOC” for reporting purposes.

One Click Page FAQs

Does Engaging Networks store the credit card information for one click pages? No, Engaging Networks does not store a donor's full credit card number. Credit card information is stored at your selected Payment Gateway provider and securely tokenized to enable interaction with Engaging Networks donation pages. What happens if someone clicks on a link in an email for a One Click page subsequent times after the first click. One Click page links in emails should only work the first time they are clicked. If it is clicked a subsequent time the donor will be taken to the original donation page the One Click page is attached to.
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