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How to build a one-click donation page

One-Click donation pages are built alongside an existing donation page. They are created using a web page that is then associated to the corresponding donation page. For an overview of how they work and the supporter journey, click here.

One-click donation page

Create your One-Click landing page by going to Pages > Components, and then click Web pages on the left.

Give it a Type of One click and a name that indicates to you what this page is, and then select the appropriate HTML template as you would with a standard page-builder page.

You can then type in text that you want the supporter to see when they land on the page. There are some insertion tools also:

Insert user data – inserts personal information of the supporter

Insert financial data, for example you can use this to insert the last 4 digits of the credit card to be charged, or the payment type

Insert social buttons if you’d like your supporters to share the page (although this will not show the one-click page as one-click pages only work from emails)

Insert a change card link – inserts the link to the full fundraising page. This is used if the donor would like to use a different credit card for their donation.

Insert donation amount widget – inserts the customizable donation amount widget for your supporters to choose how much to donate (see below)

Example of one-click page inserts

Donation amount widget settings

  • Standard – the donation amounts will be styled in the same way they appear on the corresponding fundraising page.

  • Themed – allows you to customize how the donation amounts appear by setting the following options:

    • Primary colour – this will be the color of the selected donation amount

    • Secondary colour – this will be the color of all other donation amounts

    • Font colour – this will be the color of the donation amount text

Example of a Themed One-Click Donation Page

Applying the one-click settings to a Donation Page

Now that the one-click web page is created, you need to enable it on your donation page, or pages. First find your page in the page list and click the admin cog icon next to it.

Click the Donation Settings tab and select the One-Click Donation page you would like to use from the dropdown menu and save your changes:

Next Steps

Insert your campaign link in the email campaign using the Engaging Networks WYSIWYG as you normally would. The software will direct donors to the appropriate donation page based on the built-in, One-Click criteria.

For more information on the logic behind the One-Click criteria please read the overview page click here.

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