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Manage Web Pages

Web pages are the landing pages that your supporter is directed to upon certain actions or conditions. For example, when a supporter subscribes to an email list from a thank you email, they are directed to an opt-in web page. Web pages maintain the look and feel of your campaign pages by sharing the existing templates in your account.

You can access web pages by going to Pages > Components > Web pages.

Types of Web Pages

There are several types of web pages:

Page type



Closed web pages are used when a supporter lands on a campaign page that has the “Closed” status in its page admin. You can have several Closed web pages and assign them to individual campaigns.


Error web pages are used when a supporter lands on a campaign page that is unable to load due to server issues. They are set on via a campaign’s page admin


Ecard confirmation pages are seen after the supporter confirms via a confirmation link in and email that they wish to send an Ecard. You assign them in the Ecard block

One click

These pages are used to make a “one click” donation landing page. You assign them in a page’s Donation Settings. More on one-click pages here.


These pages are used as “one-click unsubscribe” static landing pages after someone unsubscribes from an email (via an unsubscribe link) to tell them they are unsubscribed. You assign these when building email templates or campaigns and you insert an unsubscribe link. 

These landing pages are are different to email subscription pages, which are built in page-builder and do not immediately unsubscribe a supporter.

Email to target confirmation

For email to target pages, if you select the Verify Sender option in the target settings, then this is the landing page they will see when clicking the link in their thank you email, asking them to confirm they wish to send the target email(s).

Creating Web Pages

To create a new web page, go to Page Components > Manage Web Pages.

Click on the “new web page” button to create a new page or click on the duplicate icon to duplicate an existing web page.

Set your locale, give your new web page a name, select the type, and select a template to use for the web page.

Use the WYSIWYG editor to add content to your page.

You can also customize the page, link to campaign pages and insert social sharing links on the page using the Engaging Networks WYSIWYG insert tools.

Managing Web Pages

To edit an existing web page click on the edit icon


To delete an existing web page, click on the delete icon


Previewing Web Pages

You can preview web pages by clicking on the preview icon

. This will open a new tab so you can see how your page might look to supporters. Note that ou can’t interact with the content, i.e links and buttons in this preview.

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