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Peer to Peer - Donations

Under P2P > Sites > edit relevant site > Select Donations (under Management). The Donation Management menu allows for the site donations or transactions to be viewed, managed and exported. Fundraisers and their transactions will be listed with additional columns of details. There is also a way for you to add your ‘Offline Gift’ from here.

  • Total Donations - This represents the cumulative sum of all transactions completed on the peer-to-peer site.

  • Self Donations - The number of donations made during the registration process.

  • Amount Raised - The total dollar amount of donations received.

Searching for participants

The search bar can be used to search for participants by First Name, Last Name, Email address, Page Name, or Page ID. The Participant list can also be filtered by Donor Name, Donation Amount, Date of Transaction, Method of Payment & Transaction Status.



Donor Name

Name of fundraiser/ participant that made the transaction


Fundraiser’s page name


Total dollar amount of the transaction

Self (Yes)

Indicates if donation was made during the registration process


Date of the transaction was processed


Payment Type used on the transaction


Transaction Status if its a Success or Failed


Clickable magnifying glass to view the transaction

Viewing the Transactions


The overview tab includes summary information about the participant. The participant can be managed from this area simply by clicking on the Full Profile button which redirects the user to the Supporter’s Record.


The transaction tab includes the necessary transaction information such as the timestamp, amount payment type and Transaction ID. There is also a way to add more information about the transaction which is simply by clicking on the Edit Transaction button which allows you to enter ‘Donor Comment’ and apply the transaction to be an ‘Anonymous Donor’.

Credited To

This tab allows you to see who the Fundraising Page the transaction was created on and a clickable link to view this Fundraising Page. A Move Donation button is also available if you need to transfer the transaction to a different Fundraising Page.

Adding an Offline Transaction

You can add an Offline Gift directly to the site from the Donation Block. Simply click on the Add Offline Gift button and a pop-up window will reflect with information you can fill-up with to make the transaction.



Credit To

Ability to select where the Transaction/Donation will be added to. It could be to a specific Fundraiser Page or just a regular donation to the site.


Dollar Amount to be donated


Select the form of payment if its Cash, Check or Wire Transfer

Gift Date

Able to select the date of when the transaction occurred.

Donor Information

This would be the Supporter Fields or the Information about the donor.


Any internal comments or details about the transaction could be added in the space.

Anonymous Donation

Able to check/uncheck if the transaction will be labeled as anonymous.

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