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Peer-to-Peer – Manage Fundraisers

The manage fundraisers area of your ‘Peer-to-Peer’ site allows you to view and interact with any of the fundraisers on your site. To access the list of your fundraisers, click the “Manage Fundraisers” link in the “Administration” menu on the left. By default, your active fundraisers will be shown. You can click “Disabled” to see only the disabled logins or “All” to see both.

Once you have been given your list of fundraisers you can click on any of the icons on the right to interact with them.

View Details

If you click the

icon you can view more details for that fundraiser. The amount they’ve raised, and the name of their site will be shown. If you click the name of the site you will be taken to the site URL.

Send Email

Clicking the

icon will open up your computer’s mail client and populate the recipient line with the email address that the fundraiser registered with.

Login to HQ

Clicking the

icon let’s you login to that fundraiser’s campaign headquarters. You will have access to edit the campaign content just as they would if they were logged in.

Send Password Reminder


icon will allow you to trigger a password reminder to that fundraiser. You can customize the message and sender from the ‘Emails‘ menu under ‘Site Settings’.

Block Fundraiser

If you click on

, you can block a fundraiser by disabling their login and deleting their page for the site you are editing or for everyone of your ‘Peer-to-Peer’ sites. You can also leave remarks for internal reference regarding why the fundraiser was blocked.

Once a fundraiser has been blocked, they will no longer be able to login to their campaign and will receive an access denied message when they attempt a login.

You can re-enable the login by click on the icon again updating the status.

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