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Premium gift block

The “Premium gift block” is used to add premium-specific content to your page-builder Premium donation pages.

In order to use the premium block you first need to add products. Click here for more info.

Adding the component

To add the Premium donation block to your layout, expand the toolbar by hovering over it with your mouse.

Click on “Premium gift” to reveal the block.

Using your mouse, drag the component you wish to use into your layout.

Premium Donation Block

The block allows you to create rules for which donation amounts offer a gift. It lets you set up text and choose gifts to display on the page for both single and recurring donations.

To create a new gift click the “add range for product incentive” button. Then set the rule for what donation amount would result in that gift. To choose the gift(s), click “add product from inventory”.

The display options lets you customize the heading of the gift block and also set a label the decline gift option. When you are finished click SAVE.

You can add multiple ranges in a single premium block.

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