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Adding a CAPTCHA to your page

In order to make it more difficult for spammers to target or abuse your page, you may choose to introduce a CAPTCHA. This will utilise the reCAPTCHA service to introduce a checkbox on your page, so that the page can only be submitted if this box is checked manually.

To add the CAPTCHA, open up your page for editing. Now add a new form block at least to the penultimate page (you may add it to the first page too but sometimes spammers can submit data on the page before the thank you page so a captcha there is the priority).

Keeping the CAPTCHA in a separate block will allow you to position it to any desired location on the page. However, you may also want to add a CAPTCHA to an existing form block, in which case the reCAPTCHA will appear immediately above the ‘submit’ button (as in the example below) when the page is rendered.

When you open up a form block for editing, you will see the option to ‘Enable captcha’.

Check the ‘Enable captcha’ checkbox then click save.

Location-based captchas

While adding a captcha can prevent abuse of your pages by fraudsters and limit other types of attack, it can also have a negative impact for genuine supporters’ user experience. To mitigate this we have added captchas that are appear based on location.

When you enable a captcha in a form block, you will also be able to select which users will be presented with the captcha. The location will be determined by the IP address of the user.

The default is to display the captcha for all supporters who visit the page. By adding alternative rules, you can display the captcha only when the page is accessed from certain territories that you deem to be of higher risk. To set up your rules, click on


Here we have created one additional group rule called ‘High risk’, which includes a number of countries that we have identified as often being the origin source of abuse. To select this rule to be used for this captcha, simply click on the name of the rule and click ‘Use selected

To create a new rule, simply click on

. You can also edit existing rules by clicking on
. This will allow you to select which countries should be included in this rule.

The countries are organised into continents to make it easier to identify. To open up the list of countries, simply tap on the name of one of the continents.

Some countries will be listed with a

next to their name. These are countries which have been the originator of attacks or abuse of pages in the past. If you would like to highlight all of these countries, you can use the button

Once you have gone through all the continents, and identified the countries you would like to add to the rule, you can simply ‘Save‘ or ‘Save and close’.

For more information about how to work with forms in general, please see the section on form blocks.

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