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Create a new campaign or fundraising page

There are three ways of creating a brand new campaign:

  1. Go to Pages > Create Page and choose the type of page you would like to create. 
  2. Or, from the list of pages, click the New Page button
  3. Or, from the list of pages, duplicate an existing page. The duplicate icon
    sits next to the campaign you want to copy

Once you create your new campaign, check out our step-by-step guides to each page type.

Tip For more complex actions with multiple types of blocks, such as donation pages, events or ecards, it is often more time effective to duplicate an existing campaign rather than to creating a new one from scratch, so that the required elements already exist. Once it’s duplicated you might only need edit the text blocks and thank you email. Note that duplicated campaigns also have any form dependencies or redirect and filters copied as well.

Campaigns cannot have their page type changed once created

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