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Managing account emails

This document gives formatting instructions for creating and managing account email addresses. These email addresses will be used to receive notifications from the software or to send out messages to your supporters. A full list and description of ‘Account Email’ types is shown below.

Creating account emails

To add or edit an Account Email, use the Hello YOURNAME > Account settings menu, and click on Account Email. To create a new entry, you can use:

You’ll be taken to the ‘New Email’ creation screen, where you will need to fill in the email address details. Refer to the overview below for which ‘Type’ to select, and then enter the email address you wish to use in the ‘Email Address’ field, and the name associated with this address in the ‘Name’ field, and click on ‘Save’.

To set up email addresses that should be receiving notifications from the software, please see manage notification emails.

Overview of Email Types

Email type


Sender for thank you email

The ‘sender’ for a thank you email sent to supporters once they complete an action (e.g.

Once created, you’ll need to select the relevant thank you email ‘sender’ by going to the build area of your campaign, and clicking on the ‘Auto-responders’. Then click on ‘Thank you email’ to edit the message. Select the Sender from the dropdown list.

Broadcast email sender

The sender of a email campaigns that you send out to your supporters.

Once created, you’ll need to select the relevant ‘sender’ from the dropdown list when you create your broadcast email.

Default Email

An email address used as a default email if other specific account emails are not set up.

Reply To Email

When creating broadcast emails, you can specify a Reply To Email that is different from the Sender Email.

Data capture email recipient

*LEGACY* – no longer in use, please use ‘Page transaction recipient’ instead (see below).

Previously used so you could receive notification emails every time a supporter signed up to a data capture action, e.g. a registration form for an event.

Page transaction recipient

You can receive notification emails every time a supporter makes a donation or takes part in a page action.

Once created, you’ll need to go to the ‘Admin’ panel of your page and click on the ‘Notification settings’ to select the relevant ‘Default Transaction recipient’ from the dropdown menu.

Question confirmation sender

When setting up Opt-in questions to require confirmation, the email addresses listed under this type will be available as Senders in the confirmation email. The confirmation email will require the supporter to click on a link to the requested Opt-in will be active.

BCC Message Recipient

When working with Email to Target campaigns, it can sometimes be useful to send a Bcc of any messages sent by supporters to the selected targets. The recipients you add here will be available under the ‘CC and BCC’ tab in the Email to Target campaigns Admin panel.

Report recipient

When creating a custom report in the account, you can request that reports are sent to a recipient in this category each month.

Always double check the information added here, and make sure to use a valid email address.

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