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Notification Email and SMS Alerts

This document gives formatting instructions for creating and managing the email addresses or phone numbers that should be used as recipients for notification from the software.

Note: Recipients who receive notifications when supporters submit a page are still managed in managing account emails.

Creating notification emails and texts

To add or edit a notification recipient, use the Hello YOURNAME > Account settings menu, and click on Notification Email. To create a new entry, you can use:

You’ll be taken to the ‘New Email’ creation screen, where you will need to fill in the email address details. Enter the email address you wish to use in the ‘Email Address’ field, and the name associated with this address in the ‘Name’ field, and click on ‘Save’. You can also provide a Phone Number, should you wish for the contact to be sent an SMS alerts as well as email.

SMS Currently, only the Spam/Fraud notifications will be sent using the phone number as these are considered a matter of urgency.

Always double check the information added here, and make sure to use a valid email address and phone number. The phone number should be added in E.164 format (eg. +12027531854).

For more details on updating these notifications in your account, take a look at the demo below.

Overview of Alert Types



The recipient of notification emails generated by the software. These notifications include completed broadcast emails, import, and export jobs. This includes bulk API imports and exports.

Supporter note follow-up recipient

If you have created a ‘supporter note’ on the manage supporters page, you can set an email address that will receive the reminder regarding this note.

Spam/Fraud Notification recipient

If a donation page repeatedly generates rejected transactions, it may indicate that someone is trying to abuse the page. When such activity is suspected, the software will notify anyone listed under this category via email, and suggest steps to improve the situation.

The spam alert is triggered by five or more rejected transactions within a 15 mins window from a single IP address OR 30 or more reject transactions within a two hour period for a given client for a particular gateway.


Notifications relating specifically to data integrations with third-party CRM systems.

It is used in our Salesforce integration where we alert on Contact sync issues.



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